Thief Looks Inside Wallet He Just Stole, Immediately Turns Himself In When He Sees 1 Thing


Some people rather steal from others than get things for themselves the honest way. Connor Dawes, 19, saw a man walking alone in Nuneaton, Warwickshire late at night. He followed the man for a few minutes and when the moment was right – Dawes knocked the man over and stole his coat and wallet.

After making a clean get away, Dawes started to look through the wallet. The papers inside indicated that the man Dawes had just attacked had Asperger’s’, a form of autism. It wasn’t too long after that that Dawes marched himself right into the police station and turned himself in!

Dawes called himself ‘scum’ and the judge, Sylvia de Bertodano agreed. The judge was also impressed that Dawes surrendered voluntarily. The victim still needed justice however because he had suffered a cut over his eye and now was too scared to go out on his own.

Judge de Bertodano said she had two boys to think about in this case – the victim and the perpetrator. She said that it would send a bad message to the public if Dawes didn’t spend time in jail for his crime, so Dawes was given a two-year jail sentence. It seems only fair that Dawes’ life be impacted to the same degree that his victims was.

While it is not everyday that someone turns themselves into the police for having committed a crime – but it is important not to let them get off too easily. Dawes did break the law and should be punished.

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