Expecting a child is supposed to be an exciting time in person’s life. But more often than not, something goes wrong, and the pregnancy is jeopardized. And for this couple, that’s exactly what happened.

Hannah Wicks and Steve McSween were expecting their new baby girl, and were beyond excited. So far, everything had been going fine, and there were no signs of any problems. It seemed to be the perfect pregnancy.

But when she went to her 18-week check up, the doctors told her the devastating news. Her baby had not been growing, and they told her to prepare a funeral after warning her that her baby girl would be dead by the time they did the next scan.

The couple couldn’t believe what the doctors were telling them. They were heartbroken, to say the least. They didn’t know how to explain to Oliver, Hannah’s 5-year-old son some a previous relationship, what was going on, and that he might not ever meet his sister.


So the couple did end up planning a funeral, and got some arrangements ready. They even bought a little stuffed rabbit so that the baby girl would not be alone in her coffin.

And then it came time for Hannah to give birth to her baby girl. But she fought against it, wanting to have more time for her baby.

“When they did they had to deliver, I burst into tears. That’s when it hit me, ‘She’s either going to make it or not,” said Hannah.

And at just 25 weeks, little Poppy was born weighing 12.7 ounces. She fit perfectly in the palm on Hannah’s hand. And remarkably, little Poppy was alive and breathing.

The doctors couldn’t believe it, but knew that there were still some risks with her being so small, and being born so early.

But they never gave up hope and continued to give her all the care she needed, even when she was 6 weeks old and contracted sepsis. From there, she was on oxygen aid, and would continue for the next few weeks.

And now, at just 2 months old and weighing 4 pounds and 5 ounces, little Poppy is finally able to go home!

“Poppy really is our miracle baby – she’s just fought and fought and fought against all odds,” said Hannah.

Although Poppy is at a high risk for cerebral palsy and other complications in the future, her family just couldn’t be happier that she is here, alive and well. They never gave up hope on her, and don’t plan to anytime soon.

We are so thankful that little Hannah has received the care she needs, and that she had made it and is alive and breathing with her wonderful and caring family! She’s going to grow up to be absolutely beautiful!

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